quinta-feira, 10 de maio de 2012

The Pleiadians and Time

In the past we have spoken to you about not having enough time, thinking there is too little time, wondering about time. We see that you seek how to create more time, how to sculpt time, and how to make time obey you.
As you well know, linear time is a human creation. In this creation, it has human components and common denominators. The human common denominators are the digits from 1 to 12 and all the space in-between-- the digits of 60 seconds, 60 minutes, and 24 hours. All of these bring you into alignment with linear limited time.
Lets spend a moment of time recreating your average day. You get up in the morning and the first thing that you is what? -- You look at what time is it. At that moment of reference you decide your day. You decide how much time you have left to make coffee, to make breakfast – not time enough to shower, time enough to put your deodorant on, time enough to get dressed – and how much time do you have to get to work. Shall I go the speed limit? Shall I stop here and there because I have enough time? Or shall I speed along dangerously because there is not enough time? Will I get there on time? We are see that your head is spinning as Alice in Wonderland, but we ask you to just bear with us for a few moments longer. In this time sequence, you are cutting yourself short by trying to fit into a 60 minute, 60 second, 24 hour day. The numbers on your clocks have become your lord and masters.
You are Commander-in-Chief of your Time. Linear/ Calendar Time was originally created to lock you into a little black box and keep you scurrying about as rodents in a maze where there is no cheese and no ending in sight. The essence of time is here to obey you. You were not created to obey time. Do you know how very freeing that thought is? Do you realize how much life force and energy that you waste trying to fit into someone else’s time pattern? Walk away from obeying the dictator of time?
In reality, time is yours for the bidding. It does not matter what the clocks tell you. It does not matter what your boss tells you. It does not matter, for time is not composed of matter, but is composed of sculptured illusion. Begin to sculpt your life according to your energetic needs. Create an outcome that is aligned with your soul purpose each day. Give time to yourself for it is a treasure. Spend your time wisely. Spend your time with people that you care about. Spend your time honoring yourself.
My personal Time affirmation: I Now Have Enough Time Energy And Money to Accomplish All of My Needs, Wants, Desires, Manifestations/Creations and Responsibilities

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